First-time buyer mortgage

Get a mortgage that adjusts to your life and your needs. At Perenna we believe everyone should be able to buy the home they can afford and that mortgages should be flexible, adapting to your life situation. We want to help you buy your first home and live the life you want.​

Buying your first home​

Buying your first home is something special. It’s one of the most significant decisions in life. But the path to becoming a homeowner is full of difficult choices. Getting a mortgage should not be a hard decision. Perenna wants to be your mortgage partner enabling you to buy the home you can afford with the lowest possible risk.​

  • Buy the home you can afford up to 6 x household income*​
  • Borrow up to 95% of the property value (95% LTV mortgage) ​
  • 5% deposit will get you closer to the home you want​

Starting a family ​

Are you starting or growing a family? Get a mortgage that adjusts to your situation, allowing you to upgrade your home or borrow more when you want. Perenna 30-year fixed rate offers full portability, meaning you can take your mortgage with you to a new property. ​

  • Financial security with fixed monthly payments for 30 years​
  • Full flexibility, allowing you to move and take your mortgage to another property​
  • Never worry about remortgaging or overpaying​

Enabling your lifestyle

A mortgage should support your lifestyle, adjusting to your needs and allow you to live your life the way you want. A Perenna 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is your access to financial security with monthly payments that stay the same over the whole term.​

  • Skip the remortgaging cycle​
  • Home equity is the cheapest form of financing​
  • Increase your mortgage to free cash when your home value allows​

Financial security​

Life is full of surprises. Higher monthly mortgage repayments due to increasing interest rates shouldn’t be one. With a Perenna fixed for life mortgage, monthly payments will stay the same for 30 years, making it easier to budget and plan for the future. You’re always free to remortgage, and after five years there will be no early repayment charge. ​

  • Fixed monthly payments allowing you to budget for the future​
  • Remortgage if interest rates are lower without extra fees after five years​
  • Repay your mortgage early without extra fees after five years​

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