Later-life mortgage

Make the most of your retirement with a mortgage that keeps you financially fit. For Perenna age is just a number, we have removed age limits for mortgages and are instead assessing your mortgage application on property value and ability to repay. ​

Age is just a number​

We have removed age restrictions on our and are instead assessing your mortgage application on property value and ability to repay​

  • No age restrictions- we will offer mortgages to over 55’s for up to 30 years​
  • Borrow what you can afford based on income and property value​
  • Fixed-rate mortgages are a perfect fit with fixed pension income​

Make the most of retirement​

Are you living the retirement dream? Many British pensioners saved up considerable amounts in home equity. A Perenna 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is an opportunity to release equity responsibly. ​​

  • Release equity from your home to enjoy now​
  • Borrow over 30 years with a fixed monthly payment​
  • No surprises and no requirement to remortgage ​

Help your children on the ladder​

Support your children and grandchildren. Help them get on the property ladder by releasing equity in your home. Raising a deposit for a mortgage is a big challenge for many young first-time home buyers. A helping hand in the form of a contribution towards a deposit can make the difference. ​

  • Contribute towards a deposit​
  • Cover stamp duty and related expenses​
  • Fixed monthly repayment over 30 years ​

Get financial security​

Are you facing retirement on a variable rate mortgage? Consider switching to a Perenna 30-year fixed-rate mortgage to get clarity over your mortgage expenses without interest rate surprises.​

  • Fixed monthly payments for 30 years​
  • A clear view of your monthly mortgage expense​
  • Remortgage if the rate goes down​

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