Escape the remortgage cycle​

Get a mortgage that offers financial stability for the long-term without pressure to remortgage. With a Perenna 30-year fixed-rate mortgage you are protected against interest rate increase but maintain the freedom to remortgage if the interest rate goes down or if you want to repay early. ​

No pressure to remortgage​

Have you ever felt anxious about remortgaging? You are not alone. Getting a mortgage can be a stressful undertaking. It’s not fun spending weekends looking through price comparison sites and evenings speaking to mortgage brokers. Luckily, with a fixed for life mortgage, you don’t have to worry about refinancing. Ever again.​

  • Stop worrying about remortgaging
  • Stop overpaying on Standard Variable Rate (SVR)​
  • Repay early or remortgage when you want to​

Adjusting to your situation​

A mortgage should adjust to your life situation. We understand that your life will change over 30 years, that’s why we’re focused on offering the most flexible terms without compromising the security of 30-years fixed interest rates.​

  • Repay early, no extra charge after 5 years​
  • Remortgage when you want to also if the interest rate has gone down​
  • Take your mortgage with you when moving to a new property​

Raise capital to live the life you want ​

Do you have free equity in your house? Perenna enable you to take advantage of home value increase to raise capital for home improvements and other projects. Don’t wait to get the home and lifestyle you want. ​

  • Free up cash for home improvements
  • Get the lifestyle you want​
  • Responsible financing with 30 years fixed monthly payments​

Always accessible​

Perenna is a digital lender. Your mortgage information, payments and everything else is available through our app. You can use our scenario builder to see how lump sum repayments will affect your outstanding mortgage and monthly payments.​

  • See your repayment schedule​
  • Scenario builder to see how early repayments affect your mortgage ​
  • See how an extra mortgage will affect your finances​

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